Bed Bath & Beyond for Pets

I was at Bed Bath & Beyond last week, and I was surprised to see they had quite a few pet items.  Here were some of my favorites that I saw:

Bed Bath Beyond

Bed Bath Beyond

Here’s a Pet Feeder from Animal Planet.  If your pet likes to eat at a certain time, and you are not going to be home, this solves the problem.  It holds up to 10 pounds of dog or cat food.

Bed Bath Beyond

Here is a Thunder Shirt.  It’s designed to help dogs with anxiety.

Bed Bath Beyond

Bed Bath Beyond

Here are two items designed to keep dog hair and dirt off.  The first is to put over your couch, and the other is designed for the car.  The car one would definitely come in handy!

Bed Bath Beyond

Here’s an interesting item…a Potty Patch!

Bed Bath Beyond

They also had a couple items for the dog owners.  Here is a cute kitchen towel and oven mitt.  I love the bright colors and the little shirts that they all are wearing!

Bed Bath & Beyond had quite a few other pet items as well.  While I was standing there, a lady actually bought an absorbent bone-shaped mat to put under her pet’s food and water dish.  If you’re looking for some unique goodies, check out a store near you or their website.  (Also, if you’re planning on purchasing anything at Bed Bath & Beyond, sign up for their mailing list.  I often receive 20% off coupons in the mail!)

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