T.J. Maxx Pet Supplies

My kids and I were browsing at T.J. Maxx last week, and I was quite surprised to see their large selection of pet items.  T.J. Maxx is known for their brand name items at discounted prices.  Sometimes you can find some real bargains!

ToysThey had pet toys galore!  The rack was lined with everything from squeaky toys, tennis balls, ropes, and treat balls.

SuppliesThey also had a variety of pet supplies including treats, shampoos (oatmeal & milk, foam, shampoo w/conditioner, etc.), pet bowls and dishes.  They even had a pet barrier system for the car.  I’m sure that could come in handy for some pet owners!


They had a large selection of pet beds…piles and piles!


They had a variety of pet beds on clearance, including several from American Kennel Club.

Pet House & Sofa

One of the more interesting pet beds was this one that could be turned into a pet house or sofa.  I like that you could try out two different styles without having to buy two completely different ones for your pet.

If you’re searching for pet items, you may want to consider stopping at your local T.J. Maxx and see what sorts of pet goodies they have.


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