Things to Remember your Pet


Unfortunately pets seem to have such short lifespans.  Nothing that you can hang on to after they are gone will come close to being equivalent as having them with you again.  However, the fact is, mementos and memories are what will last and can be used for comfort after the pet is gone.

What items give you moments of comfort?  For me, I think the top things I cherish are the photos and videos that I have.  It’s nice to be able to look back, see things you did with your pet, and be reminded of specific mannerisms they had.  I love seeing my pet in action, and there isn’t any part where I would say I wish I had fewer videos or pictures.  It may seem silly in the moment to be taking a whole memory card worth of pictures and videos of your pet, but one day you will be thrilled you have those.

Another thing that I am glad I have is a little paw print of my dog.  It is uniquely that pet’s, and it will help you to remember exactly what it looked like.  You can get little kits on Amazon or other stores to create a paw impression without a whole lot of mess .

Journal entries are another way to remember your pet.  There are so many things you will forget as the years go by, but when you read an entry from a long time ago, it’s amazing how you will remember the moment.  Creating a journal may take time initially, but it will be a great gift as the years go by.

I’d love to hear from you additional ways to remember your pet.  They truly become a part of the family, and it’s helpful to keep them with you through memories and mementos.

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14 thoughts on “Things to Remember your Pet

  1. My human mommy has a little book called “My Dog.” My mommy’s friend gave her the book (she thinks it was from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx) when she got her dog Sheffield, over 21 years ago now. (Wow!) It’s just like a baby book with places for photos and pages to full in for things like “Things I Do But Shouldn’t” and “Buddies.” She loves that book!

    • I love it! Sounds like a great way to keep lots of memories and pictures in one spot and also to have great prompting questions to help start the writing process. I bet that book is cherished…so nice that you have it!

  2. Great ideas. We have not done anything as clever as your ideas. I do have my childhood kitty and our Golden Retriever’s ashes. It might sound weird, but I don’t want to bury them in case we move. :)

    • Oh, that is so nice. I’m sure when people come in they are overcome with emotions. I’m sure the paw print is nice to have something to walk away with to keep of their pet’s. That’s great your clinic does that.

  3. I also enjoy the photos and videos. We used to make clay paw prints at a clinic I worked at for clients who were having their pets euthanized. I have one of my own cat’s paw.

    • I think those are all great ones. Like Jen’s, that is special that your clinic gave a paw print to the people. I’m sure the people appreciated it.

  4. I keep a lock of fur, carefully tucked in a named and dated envelope and stored away together. I’ve never opened them, but it’s comforting knowing they are there. We also cremated the most recent loss, something I’d never have done for myself but my son requested it. I was really surprised to find how much I love knowing Beau is there, in his handsome wooden box.

    • The lock of fur is a sweet idea. I really like that. Even one of those small, archival ziplock bags to keep it in would be nice so you could see through it.

  5. I have never lost a pet as an adult but always took it really hard as a kid. My dogs are memorialized on my blog but I am not sure if that will be a good or bad thing after they are gone. In one scenario I read post of our past adventures and smile. In the other, I am scanning posts for pictures while sitting in my pajamas (at noon) and crying in my Cheerios :)

    • Hopefully it will be nice to have the memories you have on your blog. It can be such an emotional time…some days call for crying in the Cheerios. :)

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